How to create website ? Study everything about website

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Are you looking for how to create website ? yes you are at right place. here we will learn how to create website step by step

Now a days creating website is very heard for new come.

Creating website there is lots of things to do. New come don’t know how many things to do for creating website. In this article we will study step by step  how to create website. We will study some basic information about Operating System, Hosting,  Domain.

1) what is os (operating system):

Os means operating system. operate system where can we do all things for creating website. Now days there are only 2 operating system are mostly use by web developer

a) windows operating system and

b) Linux operating system

Windows operating system  is not a open source. Compare to Linux web hosting  windows base website are expensive for creating windows base website. We must have a knowledge of java script for creating windows base website

Linux operating system is open source and its free to use. Mostly web developer use Linux operating system for creating website and web application. Creating Linux base website we must have knowledge of php, mysql knolage

2) what is hosting? How to buy hosting?

a place where we host our website its called hosting. There are two type of hosting

1) windows hosting and

2) Linux hosting

Among this both hosting Linux hosting is mostly use by web developers

Windows hosting base on java script

Linux hosting base on php, MySQL  etc

Fore more information about hosting click here

3) what is domain? How to buy domain?

Domain is a name of your website is like a address of website where we host our website domain is look like this

In this online world huge number of website are available .You can find your domain name at any domain providing company. in etc.

There are free domain provider companies available in market.

You can find it on Google Search engine. Some information available in our this article etc. Domain is very trust able among all domain please click here to know hou to gate domain name.

Now we start tutorial step by step for how to create website

Purchase Domain for create website :-


first of all for creating website we require domain name you can buy domain name from

godaddy, bigrock , domain

you can buy domain from any domain provider company in market there are some free domain provider company also available you can buy your domain from there also but this types of domain is not trust able in market but if you are new and wan to learn how to create website without spading money then this free domain is suitable for you

Purchase hosting for create website:-

There are many type of hosting describe as follow

1) share hosting

2) singal domain hosting

3) multi domain hosting

4) retail web hosting

5) VPS hosting

6) cloud hosting

Share Hosting :-

In one single server host many website its called share hosting. sharing of server with other website creator in one single server. sharing is always  decrease a price of products and services. now a days there are many compilation in market and survival in this comparative market is very difficult. In the world of website you have one option to fite with this compatative world Share hosting . share hosting is chipest vay for hosting your website if your website have low trafic then share hosting is best option for you for more detail of share hosting

Single Domain Hosting :-

some part of server is only avalebal for your domain is calld singal domain hosting. if your website have lost of trafick and share hosting is not sutable for your website then singal domain hosting is perfect for you for more detail for single domain hosting

multipal domain hosting :-

a place where you can manage all your website in one singal control panel its called multipal domain website. you are operating more then one website and having truble to manage your all website with different different control panel then multipal domain hosting is best for you. you can control all your website in one place in one single control pannel for more information about multipal domain hosting:-

Retailer web hosting :-

if you wan to do a business of hosting then retailer web hosting is sutable for you. you can create your own plan & price for sealing web hosting for more information of Retailer web hosting

There are lots of different method for create website and we will post all tutorials part wise  in our website request you all to suscribe our website for all upcoming toturials and updates regarding website world

VPS hosting :-

Verchual Privare Server (VPS) in this hosting is suitable only for heavy traffics website for e.g flipcard, Amezone etc

for more information of VPS

Cloud Hosting :-

Cloud Hosting is suitable only for largest traffic website for e.g google, Yahoo, Facebook etc . cloud hosting use multiple server for data storage, software

There are many option to purchase hosting. You are beginner and want to study about create website without spending money? Yes you can do that. Free hosting providing company are available in market. You can find them by Google Search engine. Some information about free hosting is available in our website

After purchasing domain and hosting third part is how to create website.

Its a very difficult to learn how to create website for new come. if you dont wan to create website without learning html, php etc you can easyly create website by wordpress, joomla

  1. html
  2. php
  3. java
  4. wordpress
  5. joomla

There are lots of different method for create website and we will post all tutorials part wise  in our website request you all to suscribe our website for all upcoming tutorials and updates regarding website world

if you have any query or having any trouble please comment below or contact us or you can also put question in our Question and Answer Page

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