How to install wordpress

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Hello 👋 all welcome to Study Every Things I. This article we will learn how to install WordPress for your domain

In the online market world you will find lots off  articles on wordpress. Did you know why ? Because wordpress is a highly popular among the website creator just because of fastest way to create website. Coding language are not require, highly secure, largest number of theme & plugin and many more

Requirement for installing wordpress:-

Creating website thought wordpress is cost free. Because wordpress is open source software free to use for any purpose that means cost of purchasing wordpress is Zero😎 but Installing wordpress some resources or a product  are require and that resources product are available in market free of cost and also some amount are require for purchase its depending on which type of website you wan to create

The basic requirement for installing wordpress are as under

1) website name (Domain) for free domain

2) hosting (must support below sources or product)

  • Disk Space: 1GB+
  • Web Server: Apache or Nginx
  • Database: MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater or any version of MariaDB.
  • RAM: 512MB+
  • PHP:  Version 7.3 or greater.
  • Processor: 1.0GHz+

Method for install the wordpress :-

For installing wordpress there are mostly 2 method use A) Directly install B) install from script installer

A) Direct Install :-

This type of install require lots of things to do for installation process but don’t varied I am here I am explaining you step by step with full detail so gat set start 😊

1) Download WordPress:-

Go to download page of wordpress check latest version of and download the same

2) Unzip WordPress zip file

After complication of download unzip the file as below

3) upload to tour hosting server

Open file manger on your hosting server and upload the same. You can upload zip file and unzip it on serve or upload unzip file directly. However make sour that you are uploading file in website area just like below image

4) Create database username and password :-

After uploading wordpress file create database,and username , password for same

5) open your website in browser

Open your website in web browser and open your domain select language > continue > let’s go > add database name username and password remaining do not change > submit > run the install

After instillation you will find welcome page

Write down the site name user name password and email I’d

Email I’d is very important if you forget password then you can change your password and link of changing password will come in your mailbox 💌

That’s it all installation process are done enjoy your free and open source software work for your website

B) install from script installer

Now a days on hosting field lots of company providing own optimize or softaculous

Softaculous is a powerful script installer software its very easy and fast

Just go to softaculous you can find it in your control panel if you not find just follow the 1 step direct install

You will find below screen

Select your website make empty in directory write your site name and site description then click advance option and tik on auto update

That’s it instillation of wordpress finish you fill find below detail

Within some days I will add tutorial on how to make website in wordpress stay connect with us subscribe our website for regular detail

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